`That lonely guy on the bench.





This is an area,
where there's no perimeter
and volume cannot be measured

Grams of knowledge
with kilograms of ideas,
and tonnes of words.

Where you can find a lonely guy
sitting on that bench somewhere
out there in that open world.

Awaiting that special one,
to find her position next to him,
on that simple bench.

She can take her time
which last as long as a mime.
The silence that is waiting to be broken
will be followed by years of joy and happiness.

Years after the girl sits beside the guy,
more life will be found
on that same little bench.

Things come and go, quickly or not I don't know. Surely they will change someday, be it now or later or even forever. I'm awaiting for my princess to find her seat quickly on this lonely bench, beside its lonely owner with that lonely heart.